darcygilmore uses Artist Shadow shade I-606 Pinky Earth to create a wash of color across the eyelid.  

Makeup Artist Jo Baker tells why she loves Artist Shadow shade M-536 Milk Tea.  Learn more about Jo

Ricky Wilson, the makeup artist who creates glamorous red carpet looks for the elite, explains why he loves #ArtistShadow shade ME-310 Fir Tree Green.

Will Lemon III creates a bold look with Artist Shadow shade I-220 Sapphire that is both wearable and chic.  Learn more about WIll

Roshar,  the makeup artist who unconventionally approaches beauty in fashion and editorial, explains why he loves Artist Shadow shade M-636 Cappuccino. More on Roshar

Use Makeup Artist Frances Hathaway’s Pro Tip to simply enhance your natural beauty.

Follow celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli’s Pro Tip for a smudge proof makeup look! Find out more about Joyce at

Facechart created by MAKE UP FOR EVER founder, Dany Sanz using her Artist Shadow shade M-100. Find out more about Dany Sanz visit us 

Artist Inspired Mannequins.  View them at on 

#MAKEUPartFOREVER #innerartist 

Innovator, Artist, Sculptress, Mentor, #DanySanz. Watch the full video

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